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The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 4: The Homicide Library

Continuing series shows how we’re helping the LAPD create a digitized homicide library.

Historic Insider Trading Scheme

A portfolio manager was convicted in “the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever charged.”

Corruption in a San Diego Motor Vehicle Office

Corrupt DMV employees issued licenses for payments between $500 and $2,500.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 3: Helping to Heal Communities

Part 3 in our series looks at how one initiative is helping heal communities affected by gangs.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 2: Operation Save Our Streets

The second piece in our series looks at a gang homicide task force called Save Our Streets (SOS).

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 1

The first in a series of stories looks at the FBI’s innovative approach to a serious problem.

Protecting Aircraft from Lasers: New Program Offers Rewards for Information

New awareness campaign highlights the dangers of pointing lasers at aircraft in flight.

Serial Killers, Part 5: Wayne Williams and the Atlanta Child Murders

Ongoing series looks at FBI’s role investigating murder spree in Atlanta that began in 1979.

Four MS-13 Leaders Sentenced in Atlanta

Four MS-13 leaders were sentenced to life in prison for terrorizing the streets of Atlanta.

Byte Out of History: $10 Million Hack, 1994-Style

A Russian’s hacking of a U.S. bank in 1994 may have been the first online bank robbery.

SpyEye Malware Mastermind Pleads Guilty

Russian national whose SpyEye malware infected more than 1.4 million computers pleads guilty.

Byte Out of History: The Five-Decade Fugitive Chase

An escape from Leavenworth prison in 1910 led to one of the Bureau’s first investigations.

Fugitive Identity Thief Led Global Criminal Enterprise

How a Texas man bankrolled an extravagant lifestyle until authorities caught up to him.

Prepaid Funeral Scam

A Ponzi-like prepaid funeral scheme victimized 97,000 people in more than 16 states.

Serial Killers, Part 4: Joseph Paul Franklin

Our continuing series looks at Joseph Paul Franklin, who went on a horrific spree in 1977.

A Conversation with Our Legal Attaché in Nairobi, Part 2

Our legal attaché in Nairobi discusses the attack on the Westgate shopping mall.

A Conversation with Our Legal Attaché in Nairobi, Part 1

Our legal attaché talks about partnerships with Kenyans and our work in the region.

Counterfeit Cosmetics, Fragrances Hazardous to Your Health

They may seem like a good deal, but knockoff products can put your health at risk.

The Year in Review, Part 2

A look back at 2013, from cyber crimes to espionage and multi-million-dollar fraud schemes.

The Year in Review, Part 1

The first part of our series looks back at some of 2013’s most significant terrorism cases.