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Top Stories

  • 10.26.2016

    FBI Deploys Cyber Experts to Work Directly with Foreign Partners

    The Bureau is working to combat the global cyber threat by placing cyber assistant legal attachés (ALATs) in FBI offices in strategic locations around the world.

  • 10.24.2016

    Combating the Growing Money Laundering Threat

    The FBI has placed a renewed emphasis on investigations targeting the middlemen who facilitate the movement of billions of dollars in illicit funds around the globe each year.

  • 10.19.2016

    Online Cyber Training for Law Enforcement First Responders

    The FBI and its partners have developed the Cyber Investigator Certification Program to help ensure first responders have a working knowledge of how to survey and secure electronic evidence at a crime scene.

  • 10.18.2016

    LEOKA Report Released

    The FBI's annual Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) report covers the 41 felonious deaths, the 45 accidental deaths, and the 50,212 line-of-duty assaults of officers during 2015.


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