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Top Stories

  • 08.23.2016

    Alleged Child Abuser Apprehended After 23 Years on the Run

    Boston-area resident John Hartin was on the run for more than two decades for alleged child abuse against two young boys in 1993.

  • 08.19.2016

    FBI Releases New Bank Robbers Mobile App

    The FBI launched a mobile version of its Bank Robbers website to make it easier for smartphone users to view photos and information about bank robberies.

  • 08.18.2016

    Cadre of Special Agent Candidates Gathers in D.C.

    Hundreds of aspiring special agents gathered in Washington, D.C. at a recruitment event for qualified candidates of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

  • 08.17.2016

    Murder for Hire

    Chris Guy Mannino, a former chiropractor and gun and explosives dealer who lived in Alaska, had scores to settle—and murder was how he planned to settle them.


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