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  • 02.15.2019

    Our History, Our Service

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of African-American special agents in the FBI, and we honor the countless contributions these agents have made over the last century in making the Bureau stronger and the nation safer.

  • 02.13.2019

    Espionage, Cyber Charges Announced

    A former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist has been charged with espionage on behalf of Iran in an indictment that also charges four Iranians with a cyber campaign targeting U.S. intelligence personnel.

  • 02.11.2019

    Cryptocurrency Fraud

    A company founder who drew investors into the emerging market of digital currencies with false claims—ultimately defrauding them of more than $9 million—will be spending time in prison.

  • 02.07.2019

    A Brush with the Law

    A prominent New York gallery owner is spending time behind bars for his role in an elaborate scheme to defraud art dealers and collectors out of millions of dollars.


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