Abandoned/Unclaimed Property

The property listed below has been determined to be abandoned or unclaimed property in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Included with the description of the property is the location where the property was found and the FBI office that has custody of it. Pursuant to Title 41, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 128-48, any person desiring to claim property must file with the Bureau a claim for said property by the deadline indicated (30 days from the date the property was first published in this notice). A claim must be submitted in the form of a sworn statement and include the following information: a complete description of the property (including model and/or serial number(s), if any), an explanation of the claimant's interest in the property as owner, mortgagee, or otherwise, supported by a bill of sale, mortgage, or other satisfactory documentation, and a summary of the facts and circumstances that would justify granting the claim. If the property is not claimed by that date, title will vest in the United States. A point of contact and FBI address for claims and additional information concerning the property or the procedures involved in filing a claim are provided. Please note that if you have already contacted the FBI in answer to a previous notice regarding the property, a second reply is not necessary. All correspondence should be submitted in duplicate to the claim address noted. All claims should reference the correct control number and include an accurate description of the property.

Property Description

Control Number

Date Acquired


Address to Submit Claim


Forged Gouache & Pencil on paperwork titled “Vase de Fleurs”



New York, New York

26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY
ATTN: Paralegal Specialist


$580.01 U.S. Currency

3380-21-A-024 A04-FBI-00690


Las Vegas, NV

John Lawrence Bailey Memorial Building
1787 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV
ATTN: Paralegal Specialist


Mossberg 500BB 16 Gauge Shotgun S/N: C10699

3190-21-A-008 A01-FBI-00607


Dallas, Texas

One Justice Way, Dallas TX 75220

ATTN: Paralegal Specialist


$600.00 U.S. Currency from Hugo Galdamez’s Wallet

3600-21-A-019 A97-FBI-00409


Des Moines, IA

4411 S 121st St
Omaha, NE 68137
ATTN: Paralegal Specialist


$1,600.00 U.S. Currency

3310-21-A-007 A11-FBI-00524


Indianapolis, IN

8825 Nelson B Klein Pkwy
Indianapolis, IN 46250
ATTN: Paralegal Specialist


Colt Police Positive .38 Caliber Revolver, Serial Number: 157931

3310-20-A-029 A88-FBI-00076


Gary, IN

8825 Nelson B Klein Pkwy Indianapolis, IN  46250 ATTN: Paralegal Specialist


Beretta 92FS 9mm Pistol, SN: BER265270z 

Rohm RG40 .38 caliber Revolver, SN: R127308

Colt Detective Special .38 caliber Revolver, SN: 46045R

Airsoft Model 4506 Pistol, SN: 70340346

3790-15-A-007 A08-FBI-00520


Hayward, CA

450 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco, CA 94102 ATTN: Paralegal Specialist