If this is an emergency, contact 911 or local police immediately.

What would you like to contact the FBI about?

Submit a tip about a federal crime or report a threat 

What crimes should I contact the FBI about?

  • Suspected acts of of terrorism (including violence, funding, or recruitment) or people sympathetic to terrorists or terrorist organizations
  • Threats to national security
  • Other violations of federal law

Report online scams, frauds, or crimes 

What online crimes should I contact the FBI about?

  • Online scams, thefts, or fraud
  • Cyber crimes like malware, ransomware, or phishing

Contact your local FBI office 

Tour FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. 

Additional FBI contacts 

  • Identification record or rap sheet requests: Criminal History Checks
  • Products/services purchased, forms, other resources: biz.fbi.gov
  • Records requests or information: FBI Records/FOIA
  • Jobs, internships, other employment information: fbijobs.gov
  • The National Press Office (news media): (202) 324-3000
  • Screenwriters, authors, and producers looking to work with the FBI: Submit information to public.affairs@fbi.gov
  • Former FBI employees seeking information on post-government service employment restrictions: Contact the FBI's Office of Integrity and Compliance at (202) 324-7330