FBI Dallas and Ross Perot Jr. Describe Cybersecurity Partnership (Extended)

Matthew DeSarno, special agent in charge of FBI Dallas, and Ross Perot, Jr., chairman of the Perot Companies and Hillwood, discuss how they work together to defend the country's critical infrastructure.

Video Transcript

My name is Matthew DeSarno, special agent in charge of FBI Dallas.

And I’m Ross Perot, Jr., chairman of the Perot Companies and Hillwood.

DeSarno: In the last few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in cyber attacks against our private sector companies, critical infrastructure, and government agencies. Through supply chain attacks, intellectual property theft, and ransomware attacks, the stakes could not be higher.

Perot: A cyber breach can cause lasting harm to your business and its stakeholders. It can also affect your reputation, your people, and even your community. No single entity can address the range of cyber threats alone, which is why partnering with your local FBI field office should be one of your top priorities.

DeSarno: The FBI Cyber mission is to impose risk and consequence on global cyber adversaries. Our work is most effective when a company first identifies signs of a breach and engages us on day one. We maintain a cyber workforce through our 56 field offices, making access to cyber teams easy. Early engagement and ongoing partnership is key to promoting restoration and recovery efforts, mitigating the ongoing threat, and pursuing those who seek to do us harm.

Perot:  My company and its executives have maintained a relationship with the FBI for years. In today’s connected world, that relationship could not be more important to us. I know their people, their capabilities, and increasingly important, their mission. We are an equal player in this fight and we must step up.

DeSarno: Ross is right - we can’t do it without you. FBI Director Wray described the cyber fight as the ultimate team sport. The team includes not just the federal government and our international partners, but you - our private sector partners. The risk to our economy and national security means no light of day should stand between us. The first step is getting to know your local FBI cyber team and the current threat environment.

Perot: If you haven’t already, develop a formal incident response plan, and include the FBI in that plan. If you have a plan in place, include your local FBI cyber team in it, and rehearse that plan often.

DeSarno: Next, report the compromise. Whether you experience a breach, or your team identifies something out of the ordinary, share that information early and often. You can contact your local field office day or night, or file a report at www.IC3.gov.

Perot: Remember, cyber risk is business risk. 

DeSarno: And cybersecurity is national security. Together, we can defend America’s values, ingenuity, critical infrastructure, and business equities through robust and enduring partnerships.

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