FBI Jacksonville and NASCAR Describe Cybersecurity Partnership

Rachel Rojas. special agent in charge of FBI Jacksonville, and Bill Rhodes, managing director of security at NASCAR, discuss how they work together to defend the country's critical infrastructure.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Rachel Rojas, special agent in charge of FBI Jacksonville.

And I’m Bill Rhodes, managing director of security here at NASCAR.

Rojas: More and more, U.S. businesses, critical infrastructure, and government agencies are fighting off cyberattacks. These attacks are threatening the safety of our nation, our economy and impacting American’s daily lives.

Rhodes: Big or small, organizations across the country must take all cyber threats seriously.  Here at NASCAR, our security teams work around the clock to protect our employees, our drivers, and millions of fans. But we can’t do it alone - that’s why we formed a partnership with the FBI, and you should too.

Rojas: Reaching out to the FBI at the first sign of a cyber breach allows our agents to react quickly and provide support and guidance that could make a real difference.

Rhodes: If you haven’t already, develop an incident response plan, and include the FBI in that plan.

Rojas: Cybersecurity is national security, and together, we can defend America against the cyber threat.

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