N.H. Law Enforcement Officials Warn of Online Scams in Connecticut

Rob Fuller, special agent in charge of the FBI's New Haven Division, is joined by Vanessa Roberts Avery, U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and Col. Dan Loughman, of the Connecticut State Police, in warning about the volume of online scams targeting Connecticut residents.

Video Transcript

Rob Fuller, special agent in charge, FBI New Haven: Connecticut residents are estimated to have lost more than $1 billion to online scams in 2023.

Vanessa Roberts Avery, U.S. Attorney, District of Connecticut: Victims are young. Victims are elderly. Victims are students, and victims are CEOs.

Col. Dan Loughman, Connecticut State Police: Regardless of the type of scam, they all have a few things in common that you can be on the lookout for. These scams usually start with an unexpected contact, though that contact isn't always online.

Avery: After building a relationship with you, the scammer will start making requests. These may be requests for your personal information, money to help them in an emergency or an investment opportunity for you.

Fuller: These requests are usually accompanied by a sense of urgency, demands for secrecy, or threats. So that you can send the money quickly before you can verify or think through the request.

Avery: And remember, anyone can be a victim.

Loughman: Protect your money and your personal information.

Fuller: Go to IC3.gov to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family.

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