FBI Seattle SAC Statement on MMIP

FBI Seattle Special Agent in Charge Richard Collodi issues a statement on Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP) in the Washington state area of responsibility.

Video Transcript

FBI Seattle Special Agent in Charge Richard Collodi: The state of Washington has 29 federally recognized tribes within the state, which is very unique.

So we have that primary jurisdiction across those, which presents challenges and benefits.

Probably the largest benefit is it enables us to build strong partnerships across the state, and that includes not only our tribal partners as we look at reservations, but also our city departments, sheriff's departments, and state agencies who may have a role on the individual reservations. 

Not only do we rely on our law enforcement partners, but we rely on cooperation from the community.

We rely on them understanding what our mission is, that we're there to help bring justice, bring accountability, and that we build trust so when the need comes or the time comes when we're asking them for information or for help, that they're willing to come forward with that knowing that the FBI will always do the right thing, the right way, to bring justice for those victims.

The one piece that is typical in each case is the victim of that crime, they leave a hole in that community.

They have friends and family who want them to come home, who want them to be safe and be OK.

And that community wants answers.

And while we recognize that it can be frustrating during the investigation and during a process not to have those, what I can assure our communities is that we are doing everything that we possibly can, not only to bring justice and bring accountability, but to bring some semblance of understanding and justice to that community.

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