FBI St. Louis' Birthday Message to Director Webster

The FBI St. Louis field office recorded this brief "Happy Centennial" message for former Director Webster.

Video Transcript

Laura Arnold: 
From your boyhood home to your high school alma mater;
Generations will enjoy the 300 trees you donated to the City of Webster Groves.

Andrew Martin:
From Washington University Law School to the Board of Trustees;
From your namesake scholarship to the D.C. Regional Cabinet;
You have made a world of difference in advancing the legal profession.

Jay Greenburg:
From U.S. Attorney to U.S. Court of Appeals;
From leading the FBI and CIA to chairing the Homeland Security Advisory Council;
Thank you for dedicating your life to rule of law and protecting the American people.

Happy Centennial!
Happy Centennial!
Happy Centennial!

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