FBI and Dominion Energy Describe Cybersecurity Partnership (Extended)

Bryan Vorndran, assistant director of the FBI's Cyber Division, and Adam Lee, vice president and chief security officer at Dominion Energy Services, discuss how they work together to defend the country's critical infrastructure.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Bryan Vorndran, assistant director of the FBI Cyber Division.

And I’m Adam Lee, vice president and chief security officer here at Dominion Energy.

Vorndran: You’ve seen the news – the United States has suffered multiple ransomware attacks in the last several months, with several targeting our country’s critical infrastructure. Cyber actors are quickly developing the potential to harm, damage, or even destroy the networks we rely on every day.

Lee: At Dominion, we serve over seven million retail energy customers in the Midwest, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions of the United States. Providing and protecting their energy is our top priority, especially here in our Systems Operations Center. But the size and scope of our power grid, along with the scale and complexity of these cyber incidents, makes clear that no one entity can address the range of threats we face alone.

Vorndran: The security and resilience of our critical infrastructure is based on collaboration and information sharing. Our FBI Cyber Division can help companies identify the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risks to their networks, which allows for more effective and efficient planning and limits damage from a cyber attack.

Lee: Sharing information early and often with the FBI helps us to identify the resources we need to withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Collaboration at all levels is critical to preventing lasting harm to businesses, consumers, and all other users of the Internet.

Vorndran: That’s right Adam. If you haven’t already, your next step should be to develop an incident response plan and to include the FBI in that plan. Early FBI engagement is critical to success. It allows us – and our federal partners – to provide the highest level of support to those affected by cyber incidents.

Lee: So in the event of a breach, make sure you report the compromise early. The FBI cannot be nearly as effective without our cooperation. Remember, cyber risk is business risk.

Vorndran: And cyber security is national security. Together, we can defend America’s values, ingenuity, critical infrastructure, and business equities through robust and enduring partnerships.

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