FBI Tampa and Raymond James Financial Describe Cybersecurity Partnership (Extended)

Mike McPherson, special agent in charge of FBI Tampa, and Jason Mayor, director of technology risk and assurance for Raymond James Financial, discuss how they work together to defend the country's critical infrastructure.

Video Transcript

I am Michael McPherson, special agent in charge of FBI Tampa.

And I’m Jason Mayor, director of technology risk and assurance for Raymond James Financial.

McPherson: Cyber attacks against our private sector companies, critical infrastructure, and government agencies are increasing each day.  The threat is persistent.

Mayor: A cyber breach can cause lasting harm to your business and its stakeholders. It can have a profound effect on your customers, employees, and reputation.

McPherson: Time is our enemy in cyber attacks.  The faster a company reports an issue to the FBI, the higher the likelihood we’ll be able to protect what is important to you.

Mayor: Raymond James and its executives have maintained a relationship with the FBI for years, and in today’s connected world, that relationship could not be more important to us.

McPherson:  And we view it as critical to our mission, Jason.  We can’t win the cyber fight without our private sector partners.

Mayor: If you haven’t already, develop a formal incident response plan, and include the FBI in that plan. If you have a plan in place, exercise it regularly and include your local FBI Cyber team in your rehearsals.

McPherson:  Whether you experience a breach, or your team identifies something out of the ordinary, ensure you report the compromise. Your local FBI field office is there for you, day or night.

Mayor: Remember, Cyber risk is Business risk.

McPherson: And Cybersecurity is National Security.

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