Samuel Little Confession: Miami, Florida, 1972

Samuel Little, 79, has confessed to 93 murders. He is currently in prison in Texas. Law enforcement has confirmed more than half of his confessions, but some remain unmatched. In a recent interview, Little recalled details of a victim in Miami. More at

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James Holland, Texas Ranger: Tell me about Marianne.

Samuel Little: She was what nowadays you call a transgender.

Holland: She’s a black male dressed up as a female.

Little: (nodding)

Holland: How tall is she?

Little: Marianne was about 5’7”...5’6”. She weighed about 130...5. Maybe 140.

Holland: And how old do you think she was?

Little: About...she was 19.

Holland: Okay. And where was she from?

Little: Miami. Down in Liberty City.

Holland: Okay. And did mentioned before she had a boyfriend or she talked about a boyfriend.

Little: Named Wes.

Holland: Wes?

Little: Yes.

Holland: And tell me about where you met her at.

Little: I seen her down at the bar on 17th Avenue...and she had on a short cream miniskirt. Cream and red.

Little: So then this opportunity popped up...take her to the store. Instead of me bringing her back to the apartment...I went to I-27, see. That’s going down to, uh, Fort Lauderdale. Called the gator...the Alligator Alley. It turns into, it runs into Alligator Alley. But the further out you get, the further you get out of Miami...and you got vegetation in there.

Holland: Now, how far outside of Miami you think you were?

Little: wasn’t too far out of Miami right there. I was in my stepdaddy’s car. Pontiac Le Mans.

Holland: And where’d you take her to?

Little: Continue down 27. Got back on 27.

Holland: Going outside of Miami? Going away from Miami?

Little: Going away from Miami. We got down past the, uh...past the city limits. So I continued on toward Fort Lauderdale. And I seen a road going off the main road back into vegetation on the left side. So, I got her out of the car. Pulled her out and drug her into the growth back there. And pulled her deeper into...there’s a path, a little path that went in somewhere. I don’t know where it led to, but it running deeper into the undergrowth. It’s like Everglades like that, and we ran into some water running. And but before we got to the water, the earth was mushy. I turn her loose and she fell into it face down.

Holland: And how far outside Miami do you think you were?

Little: About a mile. Two miles.

Holland: What year did Marianne occur?

Little: Uh...‘72

Holland: OK. 1972.

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