Samuel Little Confession: Las Vegas, Nevada, 1993

Samuel Little, 79, has confessed to 93 murders. He is currently in prison in Texas. Law enforcement has confirmed more than half of his confessions, but some remain unmatched. In a recent interview, Little recalled details of a victim in Las Vegas. More at

Video Transcript

James Holland, Texas Ranger: Las Vegas, describe the Las Vegas victim.

Samuel Little: That was in ’93.

Holland: OK

Little: I bought, eh, El Dorado.

Holland: What color El Dorado?

Little: It was a yellow.

Holland: OK. Yellow Cadillac El Dorado?

Little: Yup

Holland: Alright. What year?

Little: ’78

Holland: OK, well tell me about this girl. What did she look like?

Little: She was kinda thin, dark-skinned. About 40 years old. She’s out there hustling. I think she was a drug addict because she wouldn’t been out there.

Holland: How tall was she?

Little: She was about 5’5,” 5’3.”

Holland: And how much do you think she weighed?

Little: She weighed about 110, 120.

Holland: OK. What about her did you know?

Little: The boy came, that was her son, and she called him over there. And he came over and, “Hey, how you doing?” Shook my hand and everything.

Holland: Now, how old was he?

Little: He was about 20…or about 19, 20.

Holland: OK, black male or?

Little: Black male.

Holland: And where were you at when you met her?

Little: It was on Owens Avenue.

Holland: OK

Little: That’s down in the black section. Owens and Jackson.

Holland: Where do you eventually take her body to?

Little: I was headed toward California. So as I drove out of Las Vegas…I seen a motel and a road leading up to the motel. And a lot of bushes and brushes beside the road, before you got to that motel. That’s where I dropped her. Pulled her body out, and rolled it down there. And I heard a secondary road noise that meant she was still rolling.

Holland: So, you basically roll her into a pretty big ditch that’s got a bunch of…

Little: Well, it wasn’t a ditch. It was a slope.

Holland: OK.

Little: That didn’t look like a slope ‘cause of the vegetation had growed up out of the slope, and it looked like, even though, you would think that the road would just be flat, but actually the road was going down the slope way. And that’s why she rolled.

Holland: So this is a slope right off a road?

Little: Yeah

Holland: And tell me about how far do you think you were outside of Las Vegas?

Little: The road I was on was going toward Searchlight. So whatever the name of that road is, that’s the road I was on.

Holland: How far outside of Las Vegas do you think you were? Were you in Las Vegas?

Little: I was still in Las Vegas, yeah.

Holland: OK

Little: But I was on the very outskirts, the very outskirts. There was a couple of motels I remember, the gas station there. It was scattered dot, dot, dot, dot. Because it was getting thin, population, as you go further out.

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