Samuel Little Confession: North Little Rock, Arkansas, 1992/1993

Samuel Little, 79, has confessed to 93 murders. He is currently in prison in Texas. Law enforcement has confirmed more than half of his confessions, but some remain unmatched. In a recent interview, Little recalled details of a victim in North Little Rock, Arkansas. More at

Video Transcript

James Holland, Texas Ranger: North Little Rock. Tell me what that girl looked like?

Samuel Little: Oh, man, I loved her. I forget her name…oh wait, I think it was Ruth. She was a heavy set, big old yellow gal. And had buck teeth. Had a gap between her teeth. That’s what it was. And she, she was light...honey-colored skin. And she her hair was not really long it was...

Holland: How tall do you think she was?

Little: She was about 5’7”.

Holland: How much do you think she weighed?

Little: She weighed about close to 200, about 170, 180.

Holland: Pretty big girl.

Little: Yeah.

Holland: Now, where did you meet her at?

Little: OK. Down in the crack house. Her and about six other girls were sitting on a porch...doing some crack in there. I stopped to go in there...I seen a girl, that’s why I stopped. We stayed together two days or more. I think it was about three days. We was going shoplifting. We went to Sears. We went to, uh....Kroger’s. And that’s where I got busted. They took me to jail, and she went and stayed in the car. And the manager of Kroger’…I guess he got tired of her laying around on his property in that car. He called the station where I was at in North…North drop the charges so he come down and get this gal and car out of here. They cut me loose! So we...was headed toward...what’s that place where Walmart’s, uh, original store? Benton(ville). I whipped off the road and backed into that little woods. It was a corn field back there. I pulled through it. And on the other side was a corn field with a trash pile. Well, I parked the car face it out where I could see anybody coming in. So, I pulled her out of the car. She’s too big for me to carry, carry her. So I just pulled her out of the car, laid her on that trash...that was left there.

Holland: So is it like a corn stalk pile or was it?

Little: Yeah, a bunch of corn stalks.

Holland: What could you see from there?

Little: Uh, I could see the highway. And, uh, in the woods is that way. But it’s right outside of Little Rock. Uh, I was about 10 miles from there.

Holland: From North Little Rock, you take 10 miles?

Little: Yeah, it’s about 10 miles.

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