John Schachnovsky, FBI Legal Attaché, Bangkok

John Schachnovsky, head of the FBI office in Thailand, describes how the Royal Thai Police has moved quickly to embrace a more victim-centered approach.

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This is one of those opportunities where we can discuss a problem that the world knows is a problem. There aren’t two sides to child exploitation issues. There’s not two sides to taking care of victims or witnesses. This is a situation where were able to do something that a hundred-percent right, that has to be done, that anybody you talk to it about says, well, of course you should be doing this. But even though it’s an obvious thing it’s still difficult.

And for the Thai police this is a huge change for them. To put in their offices people that are not sworn law enforcement officers, that are going to take care of victims and witnesses, if you told me six years ago when I had been here for a few months and saw the lay of the land on the Thai Police, if you told me that in six years we would have victim-witness coordination training in Thailand I’d say, okay, maybe in six years. It would take a while, but I wouldn't be sure it would happen.

The fact that this is happening now and the effort and the attitude they have toward this crime and toward this issue, it makes me really proud to have been here six years and to see the change.


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