Major Gen. Monthon Ngernwattanam, Royal Thai Police

Major Gen. Monthon Ngernwattanam talks about why the Royal Thai Police should establish a victim assistance program. He was among dozens of Thai police executives in an FBI training in Thailand.

Video Transcript

I think it’s very important to have the victim assistance program down south because sometime we ignore the child, ignore the female about to be the victim.  We should to assist them, to help them.

Everyone do agree that Royal Thai Police should to give direction for us to set up the victim assistance program.

We can get benefit from this program because in the Thai system the victim—after we investigate, interrogate the victim—we will send them to the shelter. And at the shelter the social worker will work with the victim.

In Thai system, to deal with the victim—especially for the child and female—we need female investigator to deal with them, to ask the questions, because it’s very sensitive to talk to the victim that’s a female, especially for the sexual-related case.

And also sometime the victim trusts the female much more than the male officer.

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