Women's History Month: FBI Newark Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mehtab Syed

FBI Newark Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mehtab Syed describes obstacles she overcame to become a special agent.

Video Transcript

Unlike most FBI agents, I never wanted to be an FBI agent and never even thought it was possible. But then 9/11 happened. And I felt as a Pakistan Muslim female it was my responsibility to do something, be part of the solution.

My obstacles to become an FBI agent were not with the FBI. They started at home; I was a mom, I was a homemaker, wife. And it’s unheard of in the Pakistani culture that a mom would join the FBI as an agent.

The second obstacle was physical fitness. I didn’t know how to do pushups. I didn't have the right form. I didn't know how to do sit-ups or even run a mile and a half without stopping. I had a lot of help. I had friends who made me this whole routine to work out and I worked out three months straight working on my form.

My message to females is the Bureau needs you. The Bureau needs a powerful different perspective that comes from women. I would like you to join the Bureau so we can make the Bureau a much better place than it already is.

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