Women's History Month: FBI Newark Special Agent Laura Allen

FBI Newark Special Agent Laura Allen encourages women to consider the FBI. "It's a great career with great opportunity."

Video Transcript

What inspired me to the work for the FBI was the desire for work that had purpose, meaning and relevance and for an opportunity to work on a team where everyone was moving in the same direction.

Some of the obstacles I faced along the way was when I was a new agent coming out of Quantico, and most of the gear that was issued was unisex; for example, our gun holsters were the same holsters that men used. And as you can imagine, women have different hips than men. Also, our body armor was unisex, so the fit was a little bit difficult to which they now have changed, and it is not a problem anymore.

What I would say to other women that may be interested in the FBI is to apply. It’s a great job and great career. You work with wonderful people and there is a place for you.  You will do some of the meaningful things and it is rewarding work that you could ever imagine so go out there, put your application in because there’s space here for you.

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