Celebrating Women Special Agents: Jacqueline D. (2012)

Jacqueline is a SWAT medic, pilot, and member of her division’s Hazardous Materials Response Team and Evidence Response Team.

Video Transcript

I couldn’t imagine being one of the first ones because no one was used to female agents. I’m sure they had to prove themselves a little bit more and go through a lot more, I wouldn’t say discrimination, but they had to prove themselves more than I think the newer agents and even myself had to do.

I never felt like I had to do anything better than anyone else. I just wanted to do the best that I could do and the Bureau has given me the chance. When I went through the new agent’s class I had no idea I could do what I did there. And I think it just pushes you to your limits and just pushes you to do better than what you think you can do.

I was given the opportunity to be on the evidence response team right away.

After a while I got to teach because of my experience.

I did the hazardous materials response team.

I became a SWAT medic just because I thought the medical profession would have been interesting for me.

Being in the aviation program, I got my license in Montana in December of 2006, came to Anchorage, and I got right into the aviation program because they needed another pilot.

I believe that the Bureau is the only place that I would have been able to have all of these opportunities. I can’t think of career field other than being in the FBI that I would have these opportunities to be in the aviation program, be on the evidence response team, get a chance to interview different people, be in the aviation program, be a SWAT medic, there’s no … I can’t imagine there’s any other career that would give me those opportunities.

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