FBI Honors Intern Profile: Kendall, Information Management Division

Kendall shares his experience working as an honors intern in the FBI's Information Management Division.

Video Transcript

Kendall: Being a student at West Virginia University studying computer engineering, I wanted to utilize some of those skills that I used to hopefully work in the Cyber Division, but this internship, I've been utilizing some of the program management methodologies that I learned in school, and I actually got hands-on experience with that, so that was really exciting to kind of put some of those skills that I learned in school into action and to achieving something like the mission of the FBI. 

But I've been doing security assessments on the hardware and software that's going to be used for the implementations of these projects. Also, I've been going to other meetings discussing plannings and things like that, participating in meeting notes and things like that, just getting that hands-on experience in program management methodologies that are commonly used in private sector and public sector.

The most memorable moment this summer was listening to Director Wray speak to all the fellow interns and also learning about the other career opportunities that are in my field. 

Working as an honors intern, I think that it's important to always ask for work first—don't wait to be assigned to do something. Always ask someone if they need help.

Working with the FBI, you get to experience... you get to experience something that not a lot of people get to, working with something that's greater than yourself, to achieve the mission of the FBI, it's very important to me.


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