FBI Honors Intern Profile: McKinley, Counterintelligence Division

McKinley shares her experience working as an honors intern in the FBI's Counterintelligence Division.

Video Transcript

McKinley: My major is industrial systems engineering, and so, it's not directly the same, but I think it's really helped a lot because a lot of the critical thinking skills apply to what I'm doing here, and so that's been really neat just to kind of get to challenge myself and see how can I apply what I'm learning in school to what I'm doing here. And so, I've gotten to work on a lot of really cool projects with really cool people, so it's been a productive summer, I would say.

All the people I've been working with are amazing and super nice, and they've just given me projects that have challenged me but have also been really doable, and so I've gotten to apply a lot of things I've been learning at school and just critical thinking skills, and so it's been a really cool internship. Glad I did it.

I know it can be just a bit much to step into a brand new internship and where you might not know a lot of people and you kind of might not know what you're doing at first, but I think it's important just to be confident and being comfortable and ask for new projects if you don't have anything to do and ask for help if you need it and just to get to know the people around you, because they're there to help you and to help you learn.

I think if you're considering applying for the internship, and just looking in to, I think you should absolutely do it—because why not at least give it a shot? And you have no idea if you're gonna really like it or not, and there's just so many different opportunities within the Bureau that you can do that I honestly wasn't even aware of until I came here, and so I think it opens a lot of doors, and you just, you never know until you try. And so I say go for it.

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