FBI Honors Intern Profile: Anne, Laboratory Division

Anne shares her experience working as an honors intern with the FBI's Laboratory Division.

Video Transcript

Anne: I think that someone should apply to the FBI because you can do stuff that you won't be able to do anywhere else.

So, as a forensic scientist, legally, we're not allowed to work on casework, so if you ever try to intern, you would just be doing, you know, whatever—but here at the FBI, I can do the exact same methods that actual examiners do. So, I get practical experience, and I can also see what the examiners do every day. So I can see if that's what I like, if what it's not, and what other people in other units are doing, as well.

I have been able to use my biology and chemistry a lot in the Lab, but I've also been able to learn career goals that I didn't even know that I had, because you can't learn about latent prints in school, really. It's something you learn on-site.

My advice to a future intern would just be to be patient and to be open throughout the whole process, because you're gonna feel like things aren't moving fast enough, but you learn a lot in the application and also when you get here—you learn a lot about the FBI, you learn a lot about the subject matter you're learning about, and you learn a lot about yourself. So just be ready for a lot of learning and a lot of growing.

Working at the FBI has, like, blown my mind, and so I thought that I thought it was going to be cool no matter what, but here I feel like I can be a part of the team and a part of contributing to the mission, and the examiners want to hear what I'm doing and my results, and they also want to make sure that I succeed and I learn while I'm here. So, it's been an amazing experience.


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