FBI Honors Intern Profile: Mary Katelyn, Office of Public Affairs

Mary Katelyn shares her experience working as an honors intern in the FBI's Office of Public Affairs.

Video Transcript

Mary Katelyn: I am actually a public relations and business major, and through my summer in the public affairs office, I have been able to work on many different things from writing articles, working on media campaigns, assisting with pitching, attending, you know, daily meetings, and just kind of seeing what it does take that goes into a PR career here at the Bureau. 

I've learned so much this summer; it's been an incredible opportunity. Definitely things that you cannot learn in the classroom, that's for sure. Actually, the other day, I had the opportunity to attend like, mock-interviews, and I left that meeting and I was like, "Wow, I think I've learned more in the last two hours than I've learned, like, all four years of college."

My highlight of the summer has to have been getting to meet so many different people. With being in the Office of Public Affairs, I've had the opportunity to interview multiple different people, whether it's interns, to people who have been at the Bureau for over 48 years, and being able to hear their story and what made them stay at the FBI for so long, and just hearing about their career and how they've been able to live out the FBI mission. 

Someone should apply for the FBI internship program because they are going to take away opportunities, like I said, that they wouldn't be able to get in a classroom. I think you're able to meet people, you're able to build your portfolio and your resume, and you're able to really make an impact and a difference in the world—even the littlest, smallest part that you may play.


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