Netherlands Police Remarks on Operation Trojan Shield

Jannine Van den Berg, chief of the Central Unit of the Netherlands Police, gives remarks on Operation Trojan Shield, a joint law enforcement effort by the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Australian Federal Police, Europol, and law enforcement partners in more than a dozen countries. The operation included hundreds of arrests in Australia and across Europe.

Video Transcript

First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me to contribute to this press conference on behalf of the Netherlands Police.

It is an honor to jointly reveal the wonderful news about this incredible, innovative, and advanced international operation.

Together, we have managed to do it again! Just like we did during the investigations into crypto-communication services like Sky and Encrochat, we were able to intercept and read messaged exchanged between serious criminals. This time, via a communication service developed by the government itself. My compliments!

Such large-scale investigations can only be achieved if we join forces at the international level, with each country contributing its own unique expertise. The Central Unit of the Netherlands Police contributed by developing high-quality technological tools and making them available to the other participating countries, thus enabling the analysis and interpretation of the millions of messages gathered. This provided us with a host of information about many national and international criminal organizations and enabled us to further enhance the information we gathered during other crypto-communication investigations.

In the future, too, we will continue unabated to track down and dismantle criminal organizations—both nationally and internationally. Working together, we can get the job done. Thank you.

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