New Zealand Police Remarks on Operation Trojan Shield

Andrew Coster, commissioner of New Zealand Police, gives remarks on Operation Trojan Shield, a joint law enforcement effort by the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Australian Federal Police, Europol, and law enforcement partners in more than a dozen countries. The operation included hundreds of arrests in Australia and across Europe.

Video Transcript

Kia ora, I’m Andrew Coster, the commissioner of New Zealand Police.

Today we announced our involvement in a large disruption of organized crime in the form of one of the largest takedowns of an organized crime network: Operation Trojan Shield.

I’m very proud of the work that our police staff have done in this major international operation. It reflects the importance of our partnerships internationally, particularly with organizations like the FBI, AFP, Europol, and many others.

The operation has been a tremendous success, and it underscores the importance of our relationships to disrupt organized crime, which this operation has achieved in a significant way.

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