Australian Federal Police Remarks on Operation Trojan Shield

Reece Kershaw, commissioner for the Australian Federal Police, gives remarks on Operation Trojan Shield, a joint law enforcement effort by the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Australian Federal Police, Europol, and law enforcement partners in more than a dozen countries. The operation included hundreds of arrests in Australia and across Europe.

Video Transcript

I’m Reece Kershaw, the commissioner for the Australian Federal Police.

The AFP and FBI have been working together on a world-first operation to bring to justice the organized crime gangs harming our communities with drugs, guns, and violence.

The FBI provided an encrypted communications platform while the AFP deployed the technical capability through Operation Ironside. This enabled the AFP to inflict maximum damage to transnational and serious organized crime, with devastating consequences against those who seek to harm Australians and Australia’s interests.

This week, the AFP and our state partners will execute hundreds of warrants and is expected to arrest hundreds of offenders who were linked to this platform.

This is the culmination of hard work, perseverance and an invaluable, trusted relationship with the FBI.

Operation Ironside has allowed the AFP to inflict maximum damage to transnational and serious organized crime.

We thank the FBI for their long and successful partnership with the AFP. Crime is local, but when we work together our reach is global.


Thank you.

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