Ruja Ignatova Promotes OneCoin at London Event

Ruja Ignatova speaking about OneCoin at an event in London on June 11, 2016.

Video Transcript

It is really a pleasure for me to be here, one and a half years after we launched our cryptocurrency, OneCoin. I think today we spoke a lot about the network, the vision for the network. How big we want to be. But as always, I want us to remember what this network is about. 
This network was created to become and to fuel the growth of OneCoin, which I strongly believe will be the number one cryptocurrency worldwide. And the reason why I believe it is because I see all of you here. 
OneCoin is easy to use. OneCoin is for everyone. Make payments everywhere, everyone, globally. And this is who we are. Global citizens of a small world, wanting to make a change. 
So in the last two years, I have been called a lot of things. And probably the best thing that the press called me, was OneCoin, who is supposed to be the bitcoin killer. Well, I must say I like it. 
And… You all know, since we mined our first coin in January 2015, our growth exploded. Sebastian and Kari showed us the numbers. Today, over two million users. Users means active users. Our database has easily more than 12 million entry points. But this two million are active users. And no other cryptocurrency has as many users as we do.

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