100 Years of African-American Special Agents: Nicole Dunn

Special Agent Nicole Dunn has served for nearly 11 years in the FBI. She shared her thoughts on her career, the FBI, and the role of African Americans during events in November 2019 marking the 100-year anniversary of the first African-American special agent, James Wormley Jones.

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I have had the pleasure thus far of serving in two different divisions and meeting a great cadre of folks. Some of those folks are now retired agents that encouraged me and pushed me and helped me to develop along the way. I don't have any particular stories, but I can say that Quantico was extremely stressful and a challenge in and of itself.

And what was nice is that going through that process and meeting other applicants that were coming in, and specifically other African-American applicants that were coming in. We'd recognize each other, greet each other, and then encourage each other to push through and make it in the process. And it's gratifying to be able to look back and see some of those folks whenever we have events such as this. And we come from around the country to see those folks and remember some of what we went through.

One-hundred years is a phenomenal accomplishment. And I stand on the shoulders of a great group of men and women who persevered through a lot. Through a lot of adversity in a very troubling era of the civil rights movement that was going on back then. And so, their accomplishments are what make it possible for me to sit here today. And for that I am extremely grateful. And I hope that we will be able to bring others in to really show and have the diversity that I know the FBI's capable of.

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