Women's History Month: FBI Kansas City Special Agent

A supervisory special agent in the Kansas City Division says she comes from a long lineage of people involved in community service, community activism, and law enforcement.

Video Transcript

– I became an FBI agent – well I kind of was destined to be an FBI agent. I come from a long lineage of people who are involved in community service, community activists, law enforcement.

I find my job as an FBI Agent to be rewarding on a daily basis. It’s definitely rewarding to put handcuffs on a child predator or to be part of an investigation that thwarted a national security threat against our nation. But I get the most reward from things like a little message from my niece the other day said that she was encouraged and inspired by me.

I hope that the difference that I’ve made in the FBI is that when new agents come into our organization or people who are aspiring to be FBI employees –they see me as a figure, as a person of integrity. Someone maybe that they can emulate themself after. And also, I hope that the people who have retired – the retired agents in the Bureau – look and see what I’m doing in the Bureau and believe and feel like they’ve left their organization in good hands.

I feel like I’m making history by simply leading the way and opening doors for young females – black females, who want to be an FBI agent, or want to pursue a career in law enforcement and it is my hope that they see that represented in organization so that it will inspire them to also become part of an organization that is trying to be more reflective of the community that they serve.

I’m a supervisory special Aagent in the Kansas City Division and our squad investigates white collar crime involving health care fraud and complex financial fraud.

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