Women's History Month: FBI Kansas City Intelligence Analyst

A supervisory intelligence in the Kansas City Division talks about the benefits of working for the FBI.

Video Transcript

I think everyday one of the large benefits of working for an organization like this is that whether it is a full command post – a national initiative or just daily work that surrounds around the area of responsibility within Kansas City. There is always some bit of fulfillment every day when you leave work.

I do think that I am probably at least laying the ground and continuing some of the great work of other female leaders within the government. As I said, my position is one of the first of the intelligence executive positions within the field office, so I think that laying the foundation, where our FBI Headquarters is now implemented other positions throughout the other 56 field offices of mine, has been great to have an intelligence supervision of the same position over that.

For those women that want to make a change in the world – please, go forward. Don’t hesitate. There are a lot of doors opening in whether it is government employment, or it is in the private sector, I would say, be open to criticism. Look at a difference of opinions. Look out there for those who may feel differently then you feel and don’t let things-obstacles – don’t see those as preventions to achieving your goal – see those as something to build upon and to definitely try to continue to achieve your goals.

I’m Trish Sola, I’m the senior supervisory intelligence analyst.

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