Women's History Month: FBI Kansas City Administrative Specialist

A supervisory administrative specialist discusses why she decided to work for the FBI.

Video Transcript

I decided to come work for the FBI because I had a friend of the family who was a financial manager for the Bureau and she asked if I would be interested in applying. It was not something I had ever thought about before and I just found it very interesting and I thought it was a way I could make a difference.

Being a woman in the law enforcement community, I do feel like there are predominately more men working for the Bureau then women, but I do feel like there are more opportunities now then ever for women who have an interest in working for the Bureau.

I’m making a difference as being a female supervisor in that the more women that raise their hand for leadership opportunities, the more we can make a difference and make history as women in law enforcement.

I work as the supervisory administrative specialist – I supervise a group of employees from different programs ranging from evidence to our dispatch center and our ELSUR program.

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