Clinton (Janesville), Wisconsin
November 26, 1995

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Age 17-20 years old
Hair Brown, straight, collar length
Height 5'6"
Weight 140 pounds
Sex Male
Race White


Clothing: Black T-shirt with "Venom" (heavy metal) band logo, city-style camouflage pants, Nike Air Bound basketball shoes, multi-colored plaid jacket

Jewelry: Aquatech watch and handcrafted pendant


During the morning of November 26, 1995, a hunter discovered the skeletal remains of a young white male in a remote wooded area on the bank of Turtle Creek in Bradford Township, Rock County, (near Janesville), Wisconsin. Forensics analysis determined that the young male was deceased for approximately one year, placing his time of death during the fall/winter of 1994. The cause and manner of death is undetermined. A black Aquatech watch was found on his left wrist and under the body was a pendant of goat's head handcrafted from dinner fork.

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