Simpson County, Kentucky
October 9, 2001

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Age Approximately 25 to 35 years old at the time of incident
Hair Reddish-brown, 12 to 14 inches long
Height Approximately 5’4” to 5’8” tall
Weight Approximately 90 to 130 pounds
Sex Female
Race White
Scars and Marks Outline tattoo of a rose with a stem on left breast


The victim had a healed fracture in a rib and the victim's upper right arm. There was an outlined tattoo of a rose on the victim's left breast.



On October 9, 2001, a survey crew discovered unidentified remains near the northbound lanes of Interstate 65 in Simpson County, Kentucky. The victim was located down a steep embankment in a grove of trees around north mile marker 12, which is 12 miles north of the Tennessee and Kentucky state lines. The victim was wearing two rings; a gold band similar to a wedding ring, and a silver ring with a painted enamel blue background with flowers and leaves (see image above).

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