Sweetwater County, Wyoming
March 1, 1992

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Age 24 to 32 years old
Hair Brown, Collar Length
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 pounds
Sex Female
Race Native American, Hispanic
Scars and Marks Possible Caesarian scar; Rose tattoo on right breast


On March 1, 1992, the victim was discovered off the westbound lane of I-80, 40 miles east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. The victim was found totally nude. It is estimated the victim died in early February 1992. The victim has a rose tattoo on her right breast. Investigation has determined the tattoo was "inked" in Tucson, Arizona, at a tattoo shop near the Triple T Truck Stop.

DNA evidence obtained from this victim has been analyzed and matches DNA evidence from a different victim, also a "body dump," alongside I-90 in northern Wyoming (see ViCAP Alert 2014-03-02).

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