April 19, 2010
St. Clair, Missouri

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Age 64 years old at the time of disappearance
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Height 5'8"
Weight 136 pounds
Sex Female
Race White


Unger was last seen wearing a light blue t-shirt, khaki shorts, and glasses.


On April 19, 2010, Margaret Ann Unger was last seen in the morning near her home on Turkey Run Road in St. Clair, Missouri. She was reported missing by her husband that evening. Her husband told authorities she took off the robe she had been sleeping in and put on a t-shirt and shorts and left the house without socks or shoes. He reported that he watched her walk out the door, away from the house, and into the woods. He then followed her until she got to the woods and he lost her. He also indicated she hadn't taken her medicine as scheduled and had an extensive history of mental illness. She also has a defibrillator/pacemaker for a heart condition that requires medication. An extensive search was conducted in the area, and several leads were followed, but all led to negative results.

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