FBI Washington Field Office Warns the Public About Work From Home Scams

With more people working from home, you should be aware of the different ways scammers try to trick you. Technology has made it easier for criminals to spoof company websites and post job openings in order to steal your personal and financial information. If you believe you’re a victim of this type of scam, report it to ic3.gov.

Video Transcript

Special Agent Brian: Scammers are always trying to find new ways to scam you. With more people working from home and looking for jobs at home, you should be aware of the various ways criminals can try to scam you. Technology has made it easier for criminals and they can pose as legitimate employers  by spoofing company websites and posting fake job openings on popular online job boards.  These jobs usually sound too good to be true. These criminals are just trying to steal your personal and financial information. Be wary if a company contacts you out of the blue with a lucrative work from home job opportunity and be sure to carefully research the job posting, individuals, or the company offering employment. Report fraud and attempted  fraud to the FBI at ic3.gov. This information will help investigate these scammers.


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