FBI Washington Field Office Warns of Charity Scams

The FBI's Washington Field Office issued a warning about charity scams.

Video Transcript

Scammers can try to trick you into believing you are donating to a reputable charity, but in reality, they are stealing your money and your personal information.  Charity scams are common after disasters or tragedies, and the FBI has seen this during the COVID pandemic.  

Charity fraud also increases during the holiday season when individuals seek to make end-of-year tax deductible gifts or wish to contribute to a good cause. Charity scam solicitations may come through cold calls, email campaigns, crowdfunding platforms, or fake social media accounts and websites. They are designed to make it easy for victims to give money and feel like they’re making a difference.  

Perpetrators may use some or all the funds for their personal use, and those most in need will never see the donations. If you choose to donate online, do your research on the charity and verify the legitimacy of their website before providing your personal information and financial information. 

Report fraud and attempted fraud to the FBI at IC3.gov. This information will help investigate these criminals.

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