Women's History Month: FBI Pittsburgh Intelligence Analyst

FBI Pittsburgh Intelligence Analyst Stacy describes why she joined the FBI and why women are important to the Bureau.

Video Transcript

Why I joined the FBI?

I joined the FBI after working eight years for another federal law enforcement agency in order to further my career in law enforcement. I wanted to have the ability to work all different types of criminal threats impacting our country. I strive off of being challenged and the FBI provides ample opportunities to always have the ability to continuously learn and grow professionally.

Why I Like Working Here?

As an intelligence analyst, I love the daily challenge of trying to make connections within cases and in between cases. I have always loved solving puzzles and working here provides me the opportunity to do that on a daily basis. 

Importance of Women in the FBI

The FBI recognizes the important roll and positive impact that females can have on the law enforcement profession. As a female working for the FBI, I have the privilege of continuing to carry on the hard work that those before me took on to carve the path for females to serve in the same roles as males in law enforcement.

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