Women's History Month: FBI Pittsburgh Telecommunications Specialist

FBI Pittsburgh telecommunications specialist Nicole describes why she joined the FBI and why women are important to the Bureau.

Video Transcript

My name is Nicole and I am a telecommunications manager. I began my career with the Bureau as a unit secretary for the Health Care Services Unit nearly 20 years ago. I never imagined I would be where I am today, in a supervisor role, getting the opportunity to mentor others in the telecommunications field. The FBI has so much to offer. I get to work with amazing, motivated people in a rewarding job. 

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to serve in many capacities. I’ve been part of the FBI’s Diversity and Inclusion program where I was the special emphasis coordinator for the Federally Employed Women National Training Program. The program promotes diversity and inclusion to better accomplish mission goals and better reflect the communities the FBI protects and serves.  

I am proud of where I work and what I do.  I have always had the desire to impart wisdom and knowledge through my own life experiences into our youth today through mentoring young minds to succeed and fulfil their dreams and aspirations. This is where I can make a lasting impression and give guidance so each youth can reach beyond what they think they can do. I’ve never looked back. And I hope by sharing my life’s experiences, young girls and women can aspire for a lasting career with the FBI in the technical STEM field.

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