Sketch Artist Assisted in Oklahoma City Bombing Case

While sifting through debris, FBI agents found evidence that led them to an auto body shop. They believed a mechanic at the shop had seen the bombing suspect, so Ray Rozycki interviewed the mechanic and created a sketch that led to the identification and arrest of Timothy McVeigh.

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Ray Rozycki: [dramatic music plays throughout] Late in the day, the 19th, I believe, word came that they had discovered a piece of evidence that led them to a truck rental shop in Fort Riley, Kansas.

Late in the evening, I was tapped to go there and do interviews with witnesses. I got onto a private plane and that put me there around midnight. And they had the witnesses waiting for me.

We talked about the process initially, using the catalogue, having him describe. Once I had an image done, adjust the image to completion, the first one that we did turned out to be the UNSUB 1, which was Timothy McVeigh.

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