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What’s Huntsville like for a recent college graduate? Kody, 23, brings us on a tour of the city he knew nothing about before moving here for a job with the Human Resources Division.

Video Transcript

Kody: If I could describe Huntsville in one word, I’d say unique because you never know what it’s gonna be like until you step out.

[Upbeat, energetic music.]

Hey, guys. My name is Kody. I work for the Human Resources Division.

I’m 23. I just got my first apartment. As you see, it has no furniture. I’m just waiting to get something in here but, hey, I’m living life right now. I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio. Go Bucks! I am an Ohio State fan, so for all the Alabama people out there, I’m a true fan. So, it’s OK.

When I first told my family that I was moving to Huntsville, of course, it was a little bit away. They were a little concerned but they were happy that I had an opportunity. This is actually my first job, this is my first time right out of college to get into the Bureau.

I absolutely knew nothing about Huntsville before I moved here. I didn’t know what to expect but ever since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to explore and man, it’s just been amazing.

I’m a really outdoorsy person. So I like to go hiking. I like to go in the mountains, and here in Huntsville, they have plenty of mountains, they have many lakes and rivers, and it’s just an extravagant area to really get outdoors and explore your nature side.

[Low-key music with a beat]

This, guys, is Big Spring Park. Such a nice park. This is where you can just come and be free. Relax a little bit and just be yourself. This is a really peaceful place for me where I come just to relax and unwind. There’s a lot of nature here. There’s a lot of fish. There’s a lot of ducks. I mean, ducks I’ve never even seen before. I mean, so many just nice areas to go look at. I mean, you can take pictures over here with your boo, you can do everything you want to do, man. It’s just a nice area to sit back, relax.

I like to just go on adventures and I like to see what the town has to offer. And everyday that I went out, I found Huntsville had something for me.

And then right here, I don’t know what’s exactly going on but they have some type of festival. Let me go over. Actually, we should probably check that out.


We just came across a farmer’s market. I had no idea it was going on. So we stopped by and just checked it out. I mean, we got just good tea and there’s just a lot of food and local farmers around. It’s a cool area and there’s actually some hula hoops that we found. I might go try and hula hoop in a second, see if I still got it. But, I mean, Huntsville is just – always has something hidden and something pops up out of nowhere, so it’s very cool.

[Band preparing for concert]

This is my spot! This is the perfect spot to come get a drink, just relax and listen to some music. I’ve been coming here ever since I moved here in December. And then the first I went…I can’t stop going now. It’s just my happy place here in Huntsville. This spot is just so different but it’s so cool. Everybody comes together and just, you know, a community that just gets together and vibes out, I mean, what more could you ask for?

Musician: I appreciate everybody comin’ out, y’know what I’m sayin? Yo, turn it up on this Thursday, y’know what I’m sayin? All the way up. DJ Twist, man, what we got next?

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