My FBI Huntsville

Four FBI employees describe what it is like living and working in Huntsville, Alabama.

Video Transcript

Akshay: In one word.

Stephanie: Huntsville in a word.

John: Phenomenal.

Kody: Unique. Because you never know what it’s gonna be like until you step out.

Akshay: My family and friends reacted when I told them that I was coming to Huntsville, Alabama like, “Ugh. Alabama?” Things have turned out really well and there’s a lot to do here, get involved in. So, it’s been a really great time.

Kody: Huntsville is truly a hidden gem. And you can find yourself in many ways here.

John: Huntsville felt like home almost immediately to us. If you would ask my wife, she would tell you that we’re not leaving here. We’re actually trying to talk my father-in-law into moving here, also.

Stephanie: There’s a lot to do in Huntsville. It’s got open-air malls. For kids, there’s lots of parks.

We’ve got a lot of breweries and distilleries now. And there are so many restaurants. There’s an art museum and lots of culture. Huntsville’s got a lot of live music and great bands. I can get into something every weekend, if I wanted to and during the week.

Akshay: I like to do stand-up comedy. When I came to Huntsville, I thought there would be a pause in the comedy. But learning that there was comedy club that attracts high-quality acts

I got here in February and I was on stage in April.

Stephanie: I’m originally from the northeast, born and raised in New York City. I have two sons. We just like to do things together. Visit with friends, visit with family. It’s just normal, everyday life.

Kody: I’m 23, originally from Columbus, Ohio. I’m a really outdoorsy person, so I like to go hiking.

John: I’ve been married for 25 years and I have two children. My favorite thing to do in Huntsville is fish.

Akshay: Your $500,000, $600,000 home in D.C. is the same house, double the square footage for about $200,000 to $300,000 less at times.

John: My commute to and from work, which was typically 45 minutes to an hour each way in Miami, and you move here and your commute goes to 20 minutes. I call it more “at-home” time.

Akshay: There’s excitement in this city. And it’s due to the fact that we do have great people that work for us who are going to come here and make it even better to live in this city.

Kody: Really have an open mind. And if you take a risk to come here, I guarantee you that you will have a good time because there’s so much here to offer.

Stephanie: I just want you to give Huntsville a chance. I want you to come down here. I want you to see it. Give it a chance. Come down here and see what we’ve got.


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