50 Years of SWAT: Bob Foster

Bob Foster joined the FBI in 1972 as a physical training assistant at the new Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He went on to become an HRT operator and team leader, as well as a SWAT team leader and SWAT coordinator in Louisville, Kentucky, before retiring in 2002.

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Somebody has to do this. When the when the phone rings and says, you know, we've got this situation, somebody needs to respond that's trained and equipped. And if you don't have volunteers, then where are you?

It's extra duty, you know, it's being away from home. You know, you go on operations away from home. It's extra training. It interferes with your cases. I mean, you really have to be dedicated and want to do this job because, you know, you could sit in Pikeville or an RA and say, eh. You could be a former Delta operator sitting out there and say, eh, you know, I'm too busy. I can’t fool with SWAT.

If I knew someone's background, I try and recruit him. There is, this is an example. I was not the SWAT team leader at the time. When you become a supervisor, you can't be the SWAT team leader any longer. So you're the SWAT team coordinator. So you're responsible for trying to get assets and things for the SWAT team. So, one of the first-office agents from Quantico reported here to Lexington, and he was a former Navy SEAL. So, certainly we put him on the SWAT team. And his name is Paul Haertel, who is now the assistant director of CIRG.

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