Brett Chianella

FBI Special Agent Brett Chianella heads the FBI’s staff and serves as vice director at the Joint Interagency Task Force South on Key West, Florida, a multi-agency, international alliance whose mission is to cover 42 million square miles of territory primarily in Central and South America to stem the flow of illegal drugs and to disrupt and dismantle sophisticated narco-trafficking networks. Much of that work is carried out on the high seas.

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Working with our foreign liaison officers here at JIATF South builds a trust. So when our agents are downrange in those particular countries, DOD helps facilitate us build trust with those countries using our foreign liaison officers here to communicate with our agents downrange and using our country teams to push forward our investigations. But trust is a big factor, and I think that’s a two-way street. So, not only of us trusting our partner nations, but our partner nations trusting us and working unified together.

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