Kevin Lopez

Management and program analyst Kevin Lopez is a former Coast Guard officer who joined the FBI to work on the Joint Interagency Task Force South on Key West, Florida, a multi-agency, international alliance whose mission is to cover 42 million square miles of territory primarily in Central and South America to stem the flow of illegal drugs and to disrupt and dismantle sophisticated narco-trafficking networks. Much of that work is carried out on the high seas.

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The FBI doesn’t have planes or ships. That’s JIATF South. They have, they have control of where their assets move. We provide them with the information that will help—hopefully help them position their aircraft and their ships to actually locate that go-fast or locate that SPSS. So, the information we provide is not just one time.

We try to reach out the FBI case agents and get updates to those movements. So, having JIATF South provided with the most current information is important. It could be as simple as knowing what route they might be taking. If we know the route, we can estimate the speed based on the description of the vessel or the SPSS, and we can find that location on the great big ocean, where they can start searching for that vessel.

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