Chasing the Dragon (Extended Trailer)

Trailer of feature documentary of lives affected by heroin and opioids.

Video Transcript

It's startling when you’re talking to someone. They had their whole life ahead of them and everything was on track.

And now you’re sitting in a jail cell with them and you want to know where things went wrong.

They never wanted to end up here. I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to be a heroin addict.

But at the end of the day, they had no idea what that addiction was going to do to them, where it was going to lead them, and the effects it was going to have on their life.

When someone experiments with an opiate, there’s no experimenting. It’s addiction. So it’s, uh, you get one shot at it.

That drug literally destroyed everything good within you. It was so much more important to you than me.

Somebody approached me and said, well, here, try this. And it was Oxycontin 80.

That’s how this problem always starts.

All I wanted to do, if it had been in front of my face, is do it.

It just turned me into a monster.

I never thought any of this would happen to me.

I’m a criminal. I’m an addict. That’s how everybody will always perceive me.

You can be the smartest person in the world. The minute that chemical hits your bloodstream, you lose control of what it does in your body. You can't control it. Nobody can control it.

And I ask them, of all the drugs they’ve ever tried, what’s the most addictive drug. And without a doubt it’s Oxycodone.

There’s absolutely no difference between a heroin addict and a pill addict.

Every one of those needle users will tell you they couldn't get the high anymore doing it the way they were doing it.

Heroin became the love of my life. I put heroin before my family. I put heroin before my children.

Just get me a little so I can stop.

I wasn’t using to get high. I was using to stay well.

Your whole day revolves around it. You go to sleep doing it. You wake up doing it.

You’re willing to do anything to get that next high.

I wouldn't wish that feeling upon my worst enemy.

You are who you hang out with. That is for sure.

I had a good life. I didn't need to do it. And I just couldn't stop.

I had maggots in my leg. You’ll do anything to make it stop.

You’re still chasing that first high.

I couldn't even function without 40 pills a day.

It will take you to hell and back. And if you’re lucky you’ll make it back.

You’re selling me heroin; the same heroin that just killed me.

Her sister found her with a needle in her arm.

You can't go back and say I’m sorry or set a better example.

As much as I wanted to quit I was too scared to ask for help.

It will get you.

Cus I know it will kill me.

And my little girl is on the floor dead.

This is the largest drug epidemic that we have ever faced.

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