Becoming an Agent: The ONE Program

New agents attend the FBI’s Onboarding New Employees (ONE) Program before beginning their first week of training. The program introduces employees to the FBI’s history, culture, and structure.

Video Transcript

John: On my first day here, I was a little anxious to get into, I guess, the academic portion. But also, I felt at ease because we had what’s called a ONE Program.

Rhonda Glover: Well the ONE Program, which is the Onboarding New Employees Program, it is a 4-day residential program for new employees. And during the ONE Program, you have the opportunity to learn about the FBI’s mission, culture, structure—we’re helping new agents and new intelligence analysts build their foundation for success; we’re giving them the tools that they are going to need to be successful when they graduate from Quantico and they are dispersed to the field or to Headquarters.

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