Becoming an Agent: John Woodill’s Perspective

Special Agent John Woodill remembers feeling exciting the moment he drove through the front gate at Quantico.

Video Transcript

John Woodill: I remember distinctly pulling into the gate and parking as they were processing people’s cars to go through the gate and then to the dorm for, you know, processing and getting your room and getting oriented and stuff. So it was a great anticipation, it was excitement being there, not really knowing what to expect. No matter how well the recruitment process is it’s difficult to really know until you’re there. And it was just an incredible onboarding experience—there’s so much to take in, to believe you’re there in the first place, where you are and what it might be like. Until the next day, the first PT test when I wrecked my hamstring, so then, you know, then reality sets in and you go through a process of rehabbing and getting through, so…which is always remarkable in and of itself—how you get through difficulties and things that everybody faces. So, just unmitigated excitement and then trying to get down to brass tacks and figure your way through it. And it has to be exciting; how could it not be?

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