Becoming an Agent: David Lewis’ Perspective

Special Agent David Lewis recalls arriving at the FBI Academy and feeling uncertain about the months ahead.

Video Transcript

David Lewis: And you don’t always remember everything about Quantico ‘cause it’s a long process, but you remember the first day. For me the first day was a lot of anxiety, and the major reason being, again, I had spent just under 10 years in the private sector. Law enforcement and intelligence, you know, although I felt I had the skills to be able to do it, I had absolutely no idea what it actually meant, you know. So there’s a lot of anxiety. The other part of it is, you know, you’re a grown up when you go to Quantico—it’s not like going to college where you’re, you know, you’re young and you’re, you know, you’re getting dropped off at your dorm. So the people you’re coming there with have worked other places, have lived other places. So, you know, there is some apprehension about, “Alright, are you going to get along with people?” Like, you’re bunking with somebody—I mean how many of us as grown ups share a room, aside from with your spouse? So, there’s a lot of uncertainty, I think, with the people, but then there’s also the uncertainty of, you know, or even a general idea I’m going to be an agent. But you don’t have any idea what that really means.

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