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The FBI’s Resource Planning Office (RPO), using a corporate approach, manages the Bureau’s $4 billion-plus personnel budget and strategic planning processes, crafts corporate policy, maintains business intelligence tools, automates and reengineers business processes, and provides project-based advisory services to senior executives. Working with all FBI Headquarters divisions and field offices, RPO fosters an environment in which cross-cutting organizational issues and priority topics are collaboratively discussed and addressed at all levels.

RPO Consists of Eight Units:

  • Administrative Management and Analysis Unit, which coordinates administrative programs for a number of executive offices, including budget, inventory, property, space, personnel, and training;
  • Business Process Management Unit, which focuses on maximizing FBI operational efficiency through reengineering and automating business processes;
  • Integrated Program Management Unit, which ensures that each field office’s objectives, resources, and performance measures align with their own and the FBI’s top priorities and strategy;
  • The Internal Advisory Group, which was created to provide FBI senior management with an internal team to analyze interdivisional, complicated management issues;
  • Internal Policy Office, which manages the coordination, review, approval, and publication process to bring clarity and consistency to FBI policy;
  • Performance Management Unit, which focuses on performance management and corporate data analysis to better inform resource allocation and strategic FBI and RPO initiatives;
  • Resource Analysis Unit, which analyzes the FBI’s compensation and benefits costs, calculates the affordability of the FBI workforce, and manages resource allocation; and
  • Strategy Management Office, which is responsible for facilitating the Strategy Management System across the FBI to enable the consistent measurement, management, and execution of strategy on an ongoing basis.
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Career Opportunities 

RPO employees come from a number of educational backgrounds and prior career experiences. They work predominately from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and they have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with forward-thinking, innovative colleagues;
  • Be responsible for and lead various programs and projects;
  • Gain insight into every division and program in the FBI due to the high number of Bureau-wide projects and programs run by RPO;
  • Produce reports and briefings which are used by FBI senior executives for decision-making;
  • Travel to field offices to conduct training or data collection;
  • Expand skill sets in project management, data collection and analysis, business communication, and presentation creation and delivery; and
  • Make an impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of FBI business operations.

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